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A music post has been running around on some of my friends’ blogs, and I thought I might want to jump in this time. Music has always been something deeply personal and especially important to me. I don’t claim to be a musician, just an occasional singer and sometimes writer who has songs just jump out and speak to me now and again.

For a long time, I never really listened to what songs were about, or cared for them in general. I also thought I didn’t like poetry much, either. Then a teacher once told me that liking music for the lyrics meant I liked poetry, because wasn’t that what song lyrics were?

The simple statement completely blew my mind, and made me really reconsider my feelings toward poetry in general. Now poetry is something I really do enjoy, and as a result my appreciation for songs — and their lyrics — has also increased.

Some songs I like are shallow little pop tunes that rattle around in my brain for a while and make me tap my feet to the beat. But my favorites are usually songs that I relate to or resonate with me for some special reason. Often times, they’ve made me cry or smile or just feel.

So without further ado, under the cut, eleven of my very favorite songs and why (in no particular order).

The music! )
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First off, hey! I'm so excited that somebody's gonna write a fic just for me. I've been doing [ profile] ff_exchange for a few years now, and by far, it's the best fandom challenge I've ever participated in. So, you're already my favorite just for signing up. Thank you, thank you!

Now, I'm sure you're probably poking around this journal trying to Figure Things Out. I love FFIX. A lot. But don't worry if you're not writing either of my FFIX prompts, because I love those other prompts, too. Pretty much anything I wrote on my list (and then some) will make me a very happy lady once I see it!


I love the Final Fantasy series so much, and it's so hard to just limit it to four things to want! But if you're looking for any ideas, here are a few things that make me go aflutter.

-Female characters, strong. (I heart the ladies of this series so much. They're lovely and contradictory and human!)

-Character-focused pieces. (Conversations, character development--what makes these characters tick. I especially love it when minor, one-off characters are fleshed out.)

-Shenanigans. (Lighthearted humor, banter and snark, characters doing things that are silly and chaos ensues.)

-Fic discussing character relationships (More than just romance! Exploring the strange and complicated relationships between characters, without making it all about the who ends up with whom.)

-Canon relationships (Some off the beaten path is fine, but if there has to be romance, I generally prefer canon--within reason.)


Crossovers are a-okay by me if you think you can make it work, and I'm especially fond of taking two or three characters, and putting them in absurd situation, then sort of ...seeing what happens. That or serious character-driven works, where you get to see all their deep thoughts and fears, their hopes and dreams, and all of that good stuff, etc.

Tenses, voices, and such are absolutely the least of my concerns--present tense, past tense, first person and third person, whatever floats your boat--hell, write it in second-person future if that's what makes your muses happy. (Um. But that'd be crazy difficult, so I don't recommended it.)

But anyway, thanks for signing up and being amazing and awesome. I look forward to reading what you come up with!

Happy writing.
PearlRose86/Miss Maggie
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Originally posted by [ profile] box_in_the_box at Internet blackout day: See you all on Thursday

Google: End Piracy, Not Liberty

Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.

Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already oppose SOPA and PIPA.

The Senate will begin voting on January 24th. Please let them know how you feel. Sign this petition urging Congress to vote NO on PIPA and SOPA before it is too late.

Tell Congress: Don't censor the Web

Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective way to shut down pirate websites is through targeted legislation that cuts off their funding. There's no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs.

Too much is at stake — please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.
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Originally posted by [ profile] write_light at BAD Internet Laws Heading Your Way

From the flist: 

Spread the word, even you're not a US citizen, it is important for everyone!! It easy to do and it can change everything. More info by clicking on the banner.

Website Blocking

The government can order service providers to block websites for infringing links posted by any users.

Risk of Jail for Ordinary Users

It becomes a felony with a potential 5 year sentence to stream a copyrighted work that would cost more than $2,500 to license, even if you are a totally noncommercial user, e.g. singing a pop song on Facebook.

Chaos for the Internet

Thousands of sites that are legal under the DMCA would face new legal threats. People trying to keep the internet more secure wouldn't be able to rely on the integrity of the DNS system.

Read this analysis from

Get on the phone and call your representative. Express your disapproval. Tell him or her exactly how you feel, and that you don't support this. Tell your friends to call their representatives, their Congressperson, and complain. Mention that you are a registered voter that takes your civic responsibility seriously and that you will use that vote to express your feelings about this.

“We support the bill’s stated goals — providing additional enforcement tools to combat foreign ‘rogue’ websites that are dedicated to copyright infringement or counterfeiting,” the Internet companies wrote in Tuesday’s letter. “Unfortunately, the bills as drafted would expose law-abiding U.S. Internet and technology companies to new uncertain liabilities, private rights of action and technology mandates that would require monitoring of websites.”  The chamber-led coalition in support of the bill includes Walmart, Eli Lilly & Co. and Netflix.

Google and other opponents of the legislation argue that restricting the Internet in the U.S. sets a bad international precedent and that the language defines infringing too broadly.


American Censorship
Whitehouse Petition
Fight For the Future
Save the Internet

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