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Oct. 18th, 2017 12:20 am[personal profile] tyger
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So I didn't go to class this afternoon. Deliberately! Just, you know, who can be bothered going to class when class is boring and you have an assignment due in this subject on Friday. Also, you know, travel time eats a good chunk of your awake-time.

But! I managed to make some pretty good progress! I've only got one major PHP page to code, and it's mostly not going to be PHP, it's going to be XSLT. So, you know. Kinda tough BUT hopefully sommat I can do without screaming. Hopefully.

Coding rambles )

And now to bed!! Hopefully I will get to sleep easily tonight, and actually wake up feeling rested tomorrow. (Last night was annoyingly difficult. I blame you, crazybrains, I blame you. :|)

What are OOP even??

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:13 pm[personal profile] tyger
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Okay so I'm taking a break from the fucking ajax assignment - it's going better today, if by better you mean I said fuckit about the ajax and am doing all the PHP scripting. I'll worry about moving data back and forth once I'm sure that the data processing is actually working! Then at least I'll have a better idea where the fuck the bugs are.

Anyway, I'm taking a break and doing another homework, which is, basically, to explain what OOP is. One of the options we're given is to make a blag post, so you guys get to read it if you want!! (Yes, I am literally going to copy-paste this and submit it. Yes, this is why AT keeps telling me off for swearing/etc. Do I care: not for this, it's a blag post, I actually asked in advance and got permission to swear. :P I'm supposed to keep it short, though, so guess what!! DOTPOINTS!!!

Okay so short for me still needs a cut, duh. )

ANYWAY that was a gigantor ramble about OOP and wtf it actually is. Um, if you read it, good job, plz to be letting me know if it makes any sense and/or you have questions!

I was gonna go back to wrangling PHP after this, but somehow it's taken me an hour and a half so I think I'mma take a no-uni-work break because holy crap. (Also consider this the daily update post, I am lazy.)
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So, I started in on my assignment due this week. I'd previously skimmed over it, so I wasn't feeling that bad about it...

And then I read it closely, and no, it's not asking you to us xml files as a go-between you and the database.

It's asking you to use xml files INSTEAD of a database.


What. The fuck.

Yes, this is a 100% fake website made only for testing purposes. And yes, testing our ability to manipulate xml is a large part of the assessment.

But still. WHAT THE FUCK. I don't even have words, just. What a terrible idea to put into impressionable student minds!!!

*throws up hands* Fucking shit, I'm just gonna stop bashing my head against the wall of ajax and go. to. bed. :|
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Yeah, today I was going to do a bunch of homework and start to get ahead with all my shit!!!

And. Well. I mean, I did do a lot of work...

It's just that instead of the comparison of visual merge tools being a small section that I can chuck up either for credit or as part of a HD report, it... kind of. Um.

Let's just say that after formatting and images and stuff it's 15 pages long and got from starting to poke the idea to complete in less than seven hours.

I do not even know, okay???

It's like 1600 words, too, which is a lot when you're writing most of it in dotpoints, rather than essay format. BRAINS, MAN. I'm not complaining, even if it's not a full HD task in and of itself (and I honestly don't know, have emailed AT) it's definitely a solid part of one, which is pretty great! Just. Where the fuck did that even come from, brain, and why can't you do this on command??

So. Yeah. That was my day! I'mma go sneep nao, yes. Hopefully tomorrow will be more homeworks, yes. >:

GDI I want sashimi.

Oct. 14th, 2017 01:43 am[personal profile] tyger
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My friend Ez just got back from a fancy sashimi dinner and is taunting me with pictures. Ugh, gimme tasty fish gdi *grabbyhands*

Anyway, uh. Aside from that, went to class. No real dramas, though apparently standing on buses is going to be painful from now on. *makes faces at ankle*

Um... something something I dunno, I'm out of brain and I want sashimi with an intensity that probably means I'm up too late. So, bedtime, yes.

Blugh *flops*

Oct. 12th, 2017 11:46 pm[personal profile] tyger
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Still super tired, haha.

But hey!

Today I:

List )

Drawing fruit is literally homework that I've been doing today. That's why that's there. I am literally drawing stupid pictures as my contribution to the group project I'm in. In my dev skills class.


Here are the fruit!

Six small pictures. )

*flops* I did things!

Oct. 11th, 2017 11:12 pm[personal profile] tyger
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Ugh, so tired. All the time, forever. (This is a lie, hopefully, but it does feel like that at the moment.)

I actually took a nap in a corridor after first lecture, today. An out of the way corner of one, but yeaaaaah. Dozing, not full unconscious, but definite sleep. >>;;

I smacked face first into a bajillion stupid bugs in my webdev homework, but I managed to get it in before the end of class. Only by 15min, but gdi I MADE IT WORK. As usual, my errors were of the obvious-in-hindsight but less obvious at the time type. (A frequent conversation: Lecturer: Why is it not working? Me: I don't knoooooow ;;)

I also implemented a thing for a different project ALL BY MYSELF and it works PERFECTLY even though there was very very little help given in the task sheet so I am PROUD, damnit. :D And I did all the documentation this evening, so I was able to submit the entire project, wheeee. I think I'm actually done with that one for this semester, though I'mma clean it up and make it into an actual game for Azy later, since she's a weirdo that loves text adventures.

Whoops I should be asleep.

Oct. 11th, 2017 01:09 am[personal profile] tyger
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Oh well, I was ACTUALLY DOING HOMEWORK, that's better than I normally manage.

Today I got some stuff done, for once! Nowhere near as much as I'd like, and also I zoned out more than I meant to, but hey. I did stuff. I can be a little pleased.

Of course, end of semester is so close I'm kiiiiinda freaking the fuck out about it, but hey. Hey. I GOT SOME STUFF DONE, gotta focus on that. Yes. >:


Oct. 10th, 2017 02:04 am[personal profile] tyger
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Yeah so uh I did shit all today.

Just, out of brain error.


Not entirely surprising, but frustrating. Le Sigh.

Gotta run outside to put the bins out since I forgot this afternoon, but then bed now. Tomorrow will be better, I am absolutely sure. :3

A very lazy Sunday

Oct. 9th, 2017 02:31 am[personal profile] tyger
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Soooo I didn't get home last night, crashed at Ni-chan's place. At like, 2am. So actually a bit earlier than normal, but I was waaaayheaps tired haha. Party stuff! )

Anyway I got sent home with leftovers, because of course I did, so now I have Awesome Giraffe Cake and spit-roasted lamb to eat for the next IDK, few days. Possibly a week's worth of cake. (There was A LOT of cake. No, more than that. Like, 10kg of cake. Fucker was MASSIVE, and also very very tasty. :D)

The rest of today I've pmuch just... well, I had a nap in a sunbeam because it kind of made my bones go away, but otherwise I've just been reading fic. Like a totally responsible person that has done all of their homework already and isn't super fucking behind at all. Um. >>;;;;;;;;;

And now I go pass out in bed, yes.

Holy crap I am very tired.

Oct. 7th, 2017 02:25 am[personal profile] tyger
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So uh yeah, I think I overdid it yesterday, I didn't wake up until half an hour after I was supposed to leave. >>;;;;

LUCKILY even though it took me a little bit to throw some clothes on/brush hair/send my teammates a panicked message, I was only about 25min late to class. Got pretty lucky with the trains!

Anyway, class went pretty well, and my being late wasn't a Major Inconvenience, which was nice. Still annoying, but not terrible.

Did some more jewellery making when I got home, but nowhere near the pace I was doing stuff yesterday. Clearly am still pretty jiiii, though, because I have no real idea where the last hour went, I've just been kind of... sitting here... not doing anything. *sighs* Hopefully some more sleep will fix that!

Gonna go sleep now, yes. >: Party tomorrow, may not post depending on whether or not I get home or crash somewhere else, haha. Which will depend on how late it is, and if Sibling is able to give me a lift! So many variables, I have nooooo idea what'll happen.
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Which is to say I got NO homework done, at all, and didn't even try.

But guess what I DID do! I made five earrings (two sets, plus one), a necklace, and tried a few things that didn't work.

See, since I am kiiiinda broke at the moment, I decided to make some presents for 'Ni-chan, rather than buy something. I'm kinda at the omfg did I make the right decision ugh will she like it do they look terrible??? stage, but. Like. I know logically it'll probably be okay?? So yeah.

But yeah, I did go to the embroidery shop to get some thread I knew I didn't have, but other than that (and um some super cute danglies I couldn't resist >>;; ) I've been able to make stuff from things I already had! :D And it's been pretty great.

I'll post some pictures when I'm done - I have a ring I've started and am planning on a couple of bracelets (of completely different types, haha), and if I can find where I put the pattern some earrings I've knit before and think would be nice. So yeah. Hopefully will be an okay gift! :D

Well that's heartening!

Oct. 4th, 2017 11:53 pm[personal profile] tyger
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So this morning we had a test.

Ugh, says me, I am barely COHERENT at 8:30, and you want me to do a TEST???

Needless to say even though I thought I did okay I was still pretty sure I'd fucked SOMETHING up pretty badly, just simply because what is thinking????

However, when I saw AT this afternoon, he'd somehow magically already marked said test. (It was like two and a half hours after the test ended. And he teaches probably near a dozen classes a week, let alone marking for said classes. Just. HOW????) Anyway, apparently I had one super minor error that wasn't... even... worth getting me to fix up, it was that minor??

Which, what. I mean, AWESOME, but I'm super surprised. And pleased! :D

And now I go pass out because I have to be up early again tomorrow. I feel like I had something else to talk about, but I've forgotten what it is, whoops. Possibly the Indian Cultural Event Slash Rave Party. That was super cool to see but VERY LOUD when I had to walk through it to get to class.
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