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pearlrose ([personal profile] pearlrose) wrote2012-04-26 10:39 pm

Dear FFEX Prompter:

First off, hey! I'm so excited that somebody's gonna write a fic just for me. I've been doing [ profile] ff_exchange for a few years now, and by far, it's the best fandom challenge I've ever participated in. So, you're already my favorite just for signing up. Thank you, thank you!

Now, I'm sure you're probably poking around this journal trying to Figure Things Out. I love FFIX. A lot. But don't worry if you're not writing either of my FFIX prompts, because I love those other prompts, too. Pretty much anything I wrote on my list (and then some) will make me a very happy lady once I see it!


I love the Final Fantasy series so much, and it's so hard to just limit it to four things to want! But if you're looking for any ideas, here are a few things that make me go aflutter.

-Female characters, strong. (I heart the ladies of this series so much. They're lovely and contradictory and human!)

-Character-focused pieces. (Conversations, character development--what makes these characters tick. I especially love it when minor, one-off characters are fleshed out.)

-Shenanigans. (Lighthearted humor, banter and snark, characters doing things that are silly and chaos ensues.)

-Fic discussing character relationships (More than just romance! Exploring the strange and complicated relationships between characters, without making it all about the who ends up with whom.)

-Canon relationships (Some off the beaten path is fine, but if there has to be romance, I generally prefer canon--within reason.)


Crossovers are a-okay by me if you think you can make it work, and I'm especially fond of taking two or three characters, and putting them in absurd situation, then sort of ...seeing what happens. That or serious character-driven works, where you get to see all their deep thoughts and fears, their hopes and dreams, and all of that good stuff, etc.

Tenses, voices, and such are absolutely the least of my concerns--present tense, past tense, first person and third person, whatever floats your boat--hell, write it in second-person future if that's what makes your muses happy. (Um. But that'd be crazy difficult, so I don't recommended it.)

But anyway, thanks for signing up and being amazing and awesome. I look forward to reading what you come up with!

Happy writing.
PearlRose86/Miss Maggie