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Today was pretty great. :3 Even with my father having An Anxiety re: time this mornings. (We're going to leave about ten, they said. Are you ready? We'll leave when you're ready, my father says at 9:25. I was half-dressed, brushing my hair, and hadn't even started breakfast at that stage. *siiiiighs*)


Social stuff here. )

So that was my day, and it was a great one. :3 I really wish it was easier to get up to Healsville, but of course if it was it'd be way more crowded etc., which would make it not as good. :/ Compromises! Me and Ni-chan have tentative plans to a) try and meet up more, and b) maybe go to the Zoo - where she's living right now she's in walking distance to it (why does she not have a membership already I mean??? If I could WALK to the ANIMALS I would actually leave the house a lot more. Also I just looked up the prices and you only have to go four times a year to make it cheaper, whaaat). (Seriously, can you imagine going to the zoo to play pokego every day??? I just. That would be SO AWESOME.)

...anyway I am way off on a tangent, this is a clear sign I need to GO TO BED, so yes. I will do that thing. <3
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Sooo, I was going to do a lot of art today.

Except the petsite went down and I did some art but then I ran out of brain and I went and poked the Steam Summer Sale and accidentally all evening on Feel the Snow.

It's really fun, though! :D Super enjoying it.

Tomorrow is GOING TO ZOO DAY awwwww yeah, super excited! (Except the weather is gonna be coooold, but. I can deal. Will probably mean less crowds, anyway!)
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To be fair, I didn't write any CODE for the database project, but I DID get a bunch of people's thoughts and feelings re: what the front end should be able to DO, which is honestly kiiiiinda important, since it's not going to just be for me.

But, have started! Have a fair idea of what barebones UI version 1 is going to look like, so I can start working on that... probably tomorrow? IDK, will depend on how I feel. I'm getting close to done with the basing for the comm I'm doing - I just have to shade the twenty million flowers (today I shaded the base and the foliage), add the lillies, and something something with the stars if no one gets back to me with a version that already has them fixed. (Likelihood... IDK, 50/50?)

Anyway, SUPER EXCITED to get that shit finished. It's going to look pretty damn great, but omfg it's taking foreeeeever. But will try and get it at least mostly done tomorrow, I really want to get these comms DONE. And if I have time and brain after that, then yes. More things. And stuff.

Slow day.

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I mean, I did things, but I don't have much to show for it, hahaha.

Some dotpoints:

- cleaned bathroom. Noodle arms, after that.
- did washing, again. Why so many clothes dirty so fast??
- talked to Ez and have a solution a problem on the petsite (the problem is only a problem because I'm a silly, slightly obsessive person, hahahaha. Still, glad it's solved).
- did a bunch more organising shit on the petsite I really shouldn't've let a bunch of things slide for... months... orz FML.

Things I was going to do but didn't:
- start to set up a trello board for domestic tasks
- start on the database project frontend (ugh it's been more than six months already, self whyyyy)

So those two will be my first priorities for tomorrow. (I will probably get distracted by something, though, lbr. >>;;)
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I mean, I can wave off x amount due to not working in it frequently, but oh my fucking god why no keybindings, and no fucking transparent-as-active-colour and so many of the animation things are COMPLETELY COUNTER-INTUITIVE and -

Anyway, I made a Toothless icon! It's animated! It was a pain in the ass because photoshop, bluuuuuuh. I should really learn how to use the animation tools in CSP. >>;; (I really didn't think this icon was going to take more than two seconds for resizing and clipping off unneeded frames! But photoshop.) Anyway, I discovered last night I somehow didn't have EVEN ONE Toothless icon, so that has been fixed. Will possibly make more - I mean, I want to, but I might get distracted. Knowing me, the probability is high. >>;;

Other than my PS woes, I was actually pretty productive today! Made a double batch of brownies for Sunday (we're going to the zoo! for my birthday! finally!!), and worked a bunch on a comm. Redid the wing shading entirely, which is anoying, but!! It looks a lot better, A LOT. So that's okay. Learning experience! Have started lining the flower mane, it's going to take foreeeeever, but hey, at least it's started.


Jun. 21st, 2017 02:00 am[personal profile] tyger
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I dunno, something something.

Today: - got CSS done, Shaarli's all finished yay!
- still have to finish retagging the few things I have bookmarked in it (I came up with an actual schema), and then somehow... get through all of my bookmarks ever and add/trim dead links where appropriate
- that's going to take a while
- also I want to write a Javascript script for better tag management, but not now nope.
- went for a walk down the shops and got some vaguely-decent snacks for self
- no really there's fruit
- something something pokego something something

Rest of the day was pretty much reading fic, which is definitely the shaarli project's fault and not at all me not wanting to shade fairy wings. Nope. >>;;;;


Jun. 19th, 2017 05:56 pm[personal profile] seventhe
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Today I learned that my phone autocorrect and predictive texting have pretty effectively picked up my mannerisms and habits and vocabulary, SOOOOO as a game whose bounds are "hilarity" or "creepily accurate", leave me a one-word prompt to start a phrase and my phone and I will read you your fortune.
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Didn't end up going to blood bank - apparently Mama's not allowed to donate blood for four months, what even. That is a long time!

I got a bit done today, though. Some cleaning, and a little bit of art. (It would've been more but I pmuch cracked the shits because ARGH INSECT WINGS ARE HARD and yeaaah, I needed a break.) Not as much as I'd *like* to get done, but, well. SIGH. That's life.

I think tomorrow's goal should be to get the shaarli CSS 100% finished, though. Then I can start on the next project, damnit! >:

Quiet-ish day.

Jun. 19th, 2017 12:33 am[personal profile] tyger
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Didn't do any art today, or any coding. Kinda disappointed at self.

I DID clean a bit, and went for a walk, but mostly I've just been browsing the internets, which is... well, it's fun, but it's not actually what I want to put my time into, sigh.

Tomorrow, probably going in with Mama to her bloodbank appointment and giving blood, and then IDEK, something something maybe?


Jun. 18th, 2017 02:29 am[personal profile] tyger
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My head still feels like bluh, but I managed to do things today anyway!

Most importantly, I got through most of what's left of the Shaarli project! Yay! )

I also did a sketch for my next comm on my horribly overdue list of doom, and she likes it, so tomorrow's major task is to get that based, if possible. (Maybe also coloured, but probably not - there's a LOT of flowers on this, and they always take forever, given the amount of detail you need.)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up at a reasonable hour and also my head will be clearer! But it wouldn't surprise me if not, either.

*curls up in blankets*

Jun. 17th, 2017 12:20 am[personal profile] tyger
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It's cooooold. Also I think I have some kinda headcold, got a headache and minor light sensitivity and my cheek-jaw-nose area feels Off. Also dizzy, but that's um. Not unusual.

Anyway, today Mama and I went for a walk. It was a long walk! I caught SO MANY POKEMON, it was amazing. :D But even though it was a really nice thing to do, it... took a while... Like, we were out of the house for a couple of hours (though we also had to pick up milk so not all of it was that).

So yeah, pmuch came back home and was one with the floor.

But, later got a little more brain and cleaned the bathroom and worked on a comm a bit! So that's something. :3

Going to bed now, though. Hopefully is will be feeling better inna morning.

I still hate shopping.

Jun. 16th, 2017 01:31 am[personal profile] tyger
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We went to the shops today, looking for clothes, because sales. I did find one pair of pants that I liked, fit, and didn't cost a mint, so yaaaay. (I am currently very very low on pants, sigh.) I also got a new phone case, which is super sparkly and I love it. It can't hold my train card, which is annoying, but the other one was a PITA to get the train card OUT of, so you know. *shrugs* Just have to get in the habit of knowing where my wallet is, instead of my phone. (I think I'm definitely enough in the habit of taking my phone places now, anyway. Still super convenient to have the train card with the phone, but ehhh, I can deal.)

BUT THE GOOD THING WAS, since PokeGo's Solstice event's started, I caught SO MANY POKEMON. SO. MANY. It's amazing!! I got a couple I'd never even caught before (swinub! sneasel!), and way more that are just super unusual to see around here. (VULPIX AND PONYTA!! A HOUNDOUR!!! Also growlithe, which we have occasionally but not often!) It's super great and ahhhhh, definitely need to go walkies tomorrow, catch more things!!

Stuff. Things. Yes!

Jun. 15th, 2017 02:05 am[personal profile] tyger
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Today I did some art, cleaned my room a bit, and was Tech Support for Mama - I don't mind being Tech Support for Mama, she asks for help at a reasonable point in the trying by self/too frustrated may give up continuum, and she actually listens to what I say. (This is in stark contrast to my father.) But being Tech Support is still pretty tiring, for me, because UGH TECH WHY, so much of it is Dumb Shit no wonder you couldn't figure it out!!

Still, the current Phone Saga has finally been dealt with - Mama's now using my old phone, since her previous hand-me-down from Sibling decided it wasn't going to use its screen any more, and the one she had previous to that is just kinda dead. (It got dropped into the loo at least three times, so uh. Not surprised!!) Anyway, it involved a bunch of fucking around, because a) phone companies, and b) passwords etc, but it seems to be fixed now yaaaay! (And now I need to make Mama write down her goddamn passwords somewhere, because she was storing them on her phone and *facepalm* I think at this stage of society, you're a lot more likely to get your password stolen if it's on something electronic than written down and put somewhere in your house...)


Jun. 14th, 2017 01:00 am[personal profile] tyger
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Did some art today! Not a huge amount, but enough I'm satisfied. (Mostly just edit mixing, though, which is super boring to look at, so no pics yet, haha.) Also played some Terraria with Azy, made an awesome rainbow fountain by myself, poked the Shaarli thing a little bit...

I feel like I haven't done as much as I should in a day, but I think that's probably the crazy talking. It wasn't as if I spent hours napping or anything! (I mean sure I'm getting up late-ish, but not SUPER late. And going to bed at a reasonable hour is a GOOD thing...)
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That is, the default settings are... well, they're clearly what some people want! But they're not what I'm looking for - tag search is nope, I want to SEE MY LIST OF TAGS, damnit. I'm using this for bookmarking fic, I just want to be able to poke categories! (Generally fandoms, but not *only*, so yeah.)

Anyway, I started off with deciding to change the CSS colours, because I figured that would be an easy thing to start off with and get into the swing of things!

I have some feelings. )

Other than that, nothing super exciting. A bit of Terraria with Azy! Some clickypet stuff, but no art, booooo. Also folded washing, hahaha, my life is so exciting.
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so i've talked here a lot about fibromyalgia, and stress, and energy and chronic fatigue, and the concept of overcharging on a credit card and then having to pay the balance and interest later; it's an analogy that feels pretty close to the experience, just another way to phrase the spoon theory. I've been managing this on a microscale for the last couple years: spend all my energy at work, push off the crash until i get home, have no energy to do anything; repeat. well, it turns out this happens on the macroscale as well, as i found out last week when i finally had the first part of the breakdown i've been holding off for four years running.

i took two days off of work to manage it - yeah, i haven't even been here a month and i'm taking vacation, but they know about my health problems and are v understanding - and it was ... just ... weird

it's very overwhelming when all the bullshit you've been suppressing for four years straight decides to come due and crash down on you all at once. and it isn't over -- you can't recover from four years in ten days, you just can't.

but that's where i am, and that's what is happening, and my partner and i had an incredibly pleasant lazy weekend and he also cleaned my entire kitchen (as in, exiled me to the couch to relax while he cleaned it, which did lead to a massive meltdown on my part, but worked eventually when i fell asleep on the couch) and we went to the farmer's market and bought delicious fresh local food and veggies and fruits, so i have good motivation to eat well and take care of myself this week.

i'm very wary of what else might be behind the (cracking, breaking) dam, waiting to flood me out, but ... if i could handle those four years, i can handle whatever backlash they're gonna dish out

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